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And if thy hand cause thee to stumble, cut it off: it is good for thee to enter into life maimed, rather than having thy two hands to go into hell, into the unquenchable fire.                where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.                And if thy foot cause thee to stumble, cut it off: it is good for thee to enter into life halt, rather than having thy two feet to be cast into hell, where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.                And if thine eye cause thee to stumble, cast it out: it is good for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell;                where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.               
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The Seventh Commandment: Do Not Steal

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Also to calumniate is to steal. Just imagine that I said to had never stolen. I considered myself honest: but I stole from God! Yes, I stole from God. I was created and I was born in order to help create a better world, to contribute to extending the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. But, more than not having fulfilled this mission, I gave bad advice and I damaged a lot of people. I did not know how to use the talents that God gave to me. Thus I stole, clearly I stole! How many people I stole their good name, giving rise to calumnies and spreading them? You cannot imagine how terrible are the sins of our tongue! … And in what way one repairs…!

How to repair the honor of someone, after having spread gossip, or calumny?! How to restore the good name to that person?! Yes this is difficult! This is why in Purgatory, those who have done evil to someone with words, have much to suffer. Almost everyone uses the tongue to criticize, to destroy, to offend, to devastate the good name of people. These tongues, down there, are the cause of great suffering! They burn!!! How they burn! You cannot imagine! The Lord showed me how we deceive ourselves, in the judgments that we make about others. While we, for example, look with contempt at a prostitute, the Lord looks at her with infinite Love, with infinite Mercy. He sees inside her, he knows her whole life, and knows what led her to prostitution. Might you know that many of them live this way because of our sins, also because of our contempt and because of our lack of love for neighbor. Has anyone ever lent his hand to help a prostitute? Or toward someone caught stealing? We go through life judging and seeing the defects of others, their errors, and condemning. But when we see someone do something mistaken, at least let us shut the mouth, let us bend our knees and pray for that person. At times we are not able to do anything more: but God can. Let us not judge her, let us not criticize her, otherwise we sin more than her. We absolutely cannot give rise to false witness, or collaborate so that it is spread, nor judge, nor lie, because doing like this we rob the peace from the neighbor. And be careful, because a lie is always a lie, there is not big ones or small ones, green or yellow, or red color: to lie is always grave, and the father of the lie is Satan.

In my case, so many lies for what? My life was put in the open, to the Light of God. And you? … But may you know that on the other side, no one steps up to argue or to demand… There, there is only your conscience and God!

In my judgment, for example, my parents were there to see my lies, but my mother did not accuse me. Only, she looked at me with infinite tenderness. My worst lie, then, was to lie to myself when I said that I did not kill, I did not steal, that I was a good person, that I never did evil to anyone, and that God does not exist; and that I would go to Heaven all the same! What a tremendous shame, I experienced now!

The Lord continued to show me that, while in my house food was wasted, in other houses of the world there was hunger, and he said to me: “Observe: I was hungry, and look what you did with what I gave you, you wasted it. I was hungry, and look what you did, slave of fashion, or of what people said about you, about appearances: you bought brand-name goods, jewelry, you came to the point to spend 150,000 pesos for every injection, to be thin, slave of your body… To the point of making of it a god. Look how many do not have anything to cloth themselves, or to eat, or do not know how they can pay the bills”.

… Jesus showed me the hunger of my brothers, and how I too was responsible for the hunger and for the conditions in which my Country and the world found itself in… Because we are all responsible! He showed me how I had something to do with all this, because when I spoke badly about someone, this person had lost his work and the sustenance for his family, and I robbed from him the honor and good name. And afterwards, how would I be able to restore it to him?! He showed me that it was easier to give back stolen money, because one could give it, and thus repair the sin. But when you rob the good name of a person, after the calumny is already propagated, who can render the honor to this person? One does so much evil to him, in work, or in the relationships with the other people! Marriages are destroyed! So much evil! So much evil!

And still, I stole from my children the grace to have a mother at home, a tender mother, sweet, that might have loved them and accompanied them! Instead…! The mother away, the children alone, with the “Mom” television and “Dad” computer, and the video games… And I believed to be the perfect Mom. I left home at 5:00 o'clock in the morning and did not come back before 11:00 pm.

In order to satisfy my conscience, then, I would buy for them brand-name signed things and everything that they wanted.

I was terrified when I saw my mother asking herself where she went wrong…

What was she supposed to do or not do, regarding my education! She was a holy woman, who gave us and planted in us the principles according to the Lord; and my father was a good man, with us. So I said to myself: what will become of me, who does not do any of this for my children? Chilled, I asked myself: what will be, when God will judge me in regards to my children? What fright! What an immense sorrow! I robbed the peace from my children: now I see it in the Book of Life. I experienced a great shame! … In the Book of Life we see everything, all of our life like a film. What a pain it was to see my children who were saying: “Let us hope that Mom arrives late! Let us hope that there might be a lot of traffic and she arrives later! Because she is so boring, unpleasant, and when she arrives she always grumbles and shouts the whole day!” What sadness, brothers! A baby of three years, and the other a little bit bigger, to say these things! To hope that the mother might not arrive! I stole from these babies a mother, I robbed from them the peace that I should have given at home, I did not do in such a way that they might know God by way of me, and love the neighbor. But, on the other hand, I could not give what I did not have: I did not love the neighbor! And if I do not love the neighbor, I do not even love the Lord. Because God is Love…

Also to lie is to steal. In this I was an expert, you know? Because Satan became my father. In fact, you can have for father God, or Satan. If God is Love, and I was hate, who was my father? If God speaks to me of pardon and of love for those who do evil to me, while I said that “those who do that to me must pay”, I was vindictive, a liar, and if Satan is the father of lies, then who was my father? Lies are lies, and Satan is the father of this. The sins of the tongue are terrible! I saw all the evil that I had done with my tongue, when I criticized, when I derided, when I gave nicknames to someone. How she felt, that person! How the nickname with which I derided hurt the person, creating for her tremendous inferiority complexes, capable of destroying her! For example, I called fat a person who was fat, making her suffer, and because of this word, she ended up destroying herself.

I recount this to you better. At 13 years old, I was part of that little group of girlfriends, to which it was an honor to belong to… a little group of refined and expert girls. The Lord showed me how this company of “very good girls”, spiritually killed a school companion. There was in class a fat girl, obese. My girlfriends began to torment her, to make fun of her, calling her with offensive names, like fat seal, elephant, and others. We made fun of her. I did the same, in order not to seem out of step with them. Now, in the Book of Life, I saw how this poor creature always had more complexes because of her obesity. She looked at herself in the mirror, and every time she saw herself as more ugly. So she began to hate us, and to hate herself; and the more she looked at herself, the more she hated herself. And hate is death, it is death for the soul. In the jaws of this desperation, the girl one day drank a bottle of iodine, to see if she might loose weight! But do you know what happened? Do you know how she ended up, due to the iodine? Almost blind! She had a strong intoxication, and remained almost blind! For this she did not return to school! We did not care to know about it! We did not see her anymore, and we were not interested in knowing why!

For this I tell you, brothers, that collective sins are very grave, the gravest. Because they are our sins, personal! The sin of that girl, was our sin. The sin of the community is also your sin, because you did nothing to avoid it! And this is true not only for individual sin, but also for those of humanity, for which you did nothing so that it could be avoided.

The power of the word…! We destroyed that girl, putting on her nicknames; the devil entered and ruined her, and now she can, in her turn, destroy others, with her hate, in this way the currents of evil go forth forming themselves. Where there is hate, there is the evil one. This is how we assassinated a school companion. We killed her soul!

Twenty years later… I had a very nice looking cousin; I taught her, I counseled her how to dress, how to give value to her body, to use makeup, etc. One day she gravely burned herself, more than 70% of her body. Only the face was not burned. But it was very grave, she could have died.

I became infuriated, I became enraged with God; I went into the chapel of the hospital and said: “God, if you exist, prove it to me! Show me that you exist, save her!” Just imagine my pride! Well, my cousin survived. But she remained completely burned, with grave scares. Her hands remained deformed… A sadness. In that period I was already well off economically, and I took walks with her, at times in the swimming pool. But when I put her in the water, all the people left and protested and said: How gross! But why do you leave home with this creature? She comes to ruin our vacation!”

They said this, the people who saw her! People are bad, perverse, egoists, when they speak like this, seeing the disgrace of others. Consequently, my cousin began to not want to leave home. She came to the point of having fear of people! And in the end hated them! (She cries). The Lord shows, to each of us, when we have made ridiculous a brother, without a drop of compassion. What right do you have to cause someone to suffer, to give nicknames, and to call with offensive names, without knowing what the person is going through? What right do you have to be so cruel? God will show you how many people you assassinated with the word only! You will see the terrible power that the word has, to kill souls.

And yet, if I would go before the Most Blessed Sacrament, to ask for the grace of atonement for my sins, God would heal the soul of my cousin. Because ours is a God in love, and to the measure in which we close the doors of evil, he opens to us the doors of blessing. When the Lord gave me the examine of the Ten Commandments, he showed me that I said that I loved and adored God, by words, but in reality I adored Satan. I criticize everything and everyone; and everyone pointed with the finger, “holy Gloria”!... He showed me when I said that I loved God and neighbor, but I was false and envious… He showed me how I was never grateful to my parents, nor did I ever thank them for their commitment in giving me a profession and to be able to succeed in life, all the efforts and the sacrifices that they did… All this I did not see. As soon as I began my profession, they even became inferior in my eyes… So much so as to be ashamed of my mother, for her humility and poverty. Look how this is base-minded.

God gave me an analysis of my whole life, in the light of the Ten Commandments: he showed me how I was in regards to the neighbor, and in regards to Him.

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Deutsch: Gloria Polo. Der Blitz hat eingeschlagen.

Polski: Orędzie Glorii Polo.

Slovenská: Svedectvo pani dr. Glorie Polo.

Українська: Глорія Поло. Вражена блискавкою.

Русский: Глория Поло. Свидетельство. (перевод с немецкого)
Русский: Глория Поло. Поражённая молнией. (перевод с польского)


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