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Don't be anxious for your life, what you will eat, nor yet for your body, what you will wear.                Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing.                Consider the ravens: they don't sow, they don't reap, they have no warehouse or barn, and God feeds them. How much more valuable are you than birds!                Which of you by being anxious can add a cubit to his height?                If then you aren't able to do even the least things, why are you anxious about the rest?                Consider the lilies, how they grow. They don't toil, neither do they spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.                But if this is how God clothes the grass in the field, which today exists, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith?                Don't seek what you will eat or what you will drink; neither be anxious.                For the nations of the world seek after all of these things, but your Father knows that you need these things.                But seek God's Kingdom, and all these things will be added to you.               
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I was called into existence in order to help to construct a better world, and to use the talents, that the Lord had given to me, in order to contribute to extend the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. But I did not do it! … On the contrary! How many bad counsels I gave, and how many people I drug down and ruined, with my bad advice and bad example! I did not use ever the talents that God had given to me, I never used them! The Lord also asked me: “What spiritual treasures do you bring to me?”

Spiritual treasures?! My hands were empty! So he said to me: “What use to you were two apartments that you had, the houses that you possessed, the outpatient clinics, which you considered as a professional, with great satisfaction? Perhaps you could have brought here one brick only? What use was it to you so much worship of your body, all the money spent for it, all the obsessions to stay in form? To what did it serve to put it under so much diet that it led you to suffer anorexia, bulimia, torturing your body? You made of your body, of yourself, a god? And what good did it do you, now, here? You were very generous, it is true, but you did it so that they would thank you, to be praised, so that they would say that you were good. You manipulated everyone, with money, so that in exchange they would do you favors. Tell me: what have you brought here? When I saw you with the economic ruin, it was not a punishment as you thought, but a blessing. Yes, that bankruptcy was to strip you of that god, that god that you served! It was to make you return to Me! But you rebelled, you refused to come down from your social level, and you cursed, slave of this your god money! You thought to have obtained all this alone, with your forces, with the studies, because you were a worker, a fighter… Instead no! Look how many professionals there are, with the academic studies better than yours; how many in work commit themselves as and more than you: observe their conditions… To you was given much, and for this motive much is asked of you; for much you must respond”.

Think about it, for every grain of rice that I wasted, I had to render an account to God! For all the times that I threw out food in the garbage!

In my Book of Life, I saw when I was small and my family was poor. My mother often cooked beans; and I hated them, I detested them. I would say: “And again these cursed beans? One day I will be so rich, that I will never eat them again”. I saw that one time I threw out the beans that Mamma had served to me, without her noticing it, and when she sat down to eat she noticed that my plate was empty. She thought that I had eaten in a hurry because I was very hungry, and she served me another time, giving to me the portion reserved for her: so she ended up not eating. You know, the Lord showed me that among the people closest to me, the one who often suffered hunger at that time, was my mother. Having seven children, many times she did not eat so that we might eat, because we were very poor. Well, that day she remained hungry in order to give me, without knowing it, that which I had thrown in the garbage. But it also happened, often, that she did not eat because someone knocked on the door to ask for food, and she gave what she was eating. She suffered hunger, but she never made any kind of a show, she never had an embittered face, much less sad, nor any other sign. On the contrary, she always had a smile and one did not notice anything about her. I have already recounted to you what a jewel of a daughter I was?! I called my father “Peter the rock-breaker” (Fred of the “Flintstones”), and to my mother I said she was old fashion! That she was an old antiquated lady, and other similar things. Even to the point of denying that she was my mother, because I was ashamed. Just imagine!...

And yet, you cannot imagine the graces, the blessings that were scattered over me and on the whole world, due to my mother! Think of the grace to have a mother that goes to church and, before the tabernacle, offers her sufferings and her pain to Jesus, and even more confides! Confides in Him!

The Lord said to me: “Never did anyone love you, and will love you, as your mother! Never! No one will love you so tenderly as her!” Then the Lord showed me all the parties she gave me (after my change in social condition)... In those banquets, in those buffets, half of the food ended up in the garbage, without any thought about it.

The Lord continued: “Look at your brothers, suffering from hunger! I was hungry!”, he said to me almost shouting. You know how it sorrows the Lord hunger, need, and the suffering of His children! How it saddens Him our egoism and our lack of charity toward neighbor!

And he continued to make me see how in my house there were so many refined and costly things. As a matter of fact, at that time, I had stuff in my house very costly, very elegant cloths, very costly. The Lord said to me: “I was naked, and you had a closet full of expensive cloths, that you did not use…” I saw also that, when we lived in a high social level, if my girlfriends bought signed cloths, I had to acquire those even better; if one of them bought a nice car, I had to get a better one… I wanted always something better compared to them, because I was jealous. The Lord said to me: “You were always haughty; you made comparisons with those who were better off than you! Rich people! And you never looked at those who were less economically well off than you. When you were poor, you walked along the way of sanctity, because you even gave that which you were lacking”. And he showed me how much it pleased him my gesture, one time that my mother, notwithstanding our poverty, she succeeded in buying for me brand-name tennis shoes. I was very happy, but I met a child on the street that was barefooted, and I felt such a pain for him, that I took off the shoes and gave them to him. I returned home without shoes, and my father almost killed me! And not without reason: with the poverty in which we were in, so much sacrifice in order to buy them, and I gave them along the way, as soon as they had been bought! But the Lord was content about this! How he was happy about the way by which I was walking! Notwithstanding we were a complicated and poor family, God scattered on us many graces and blessings due to the merits of my mother, of her goodness and of her prayers. The Lord continued showing me that, if I had not been closed to the Grace and to the Holy Spirit, I could have helped a lot of people, with the talents that he had given to me. He showed me all of humanity, and how we respond to God, due to how we have lived, holding the heart closed to Him and to the Holy Spirit, and to their divine inspirations. He said to me: “I had inspired you to pray for these people: if you had done this, the evil would not have entered into them, causing so much damage”. For example: a little girl was sexually assaulted by her father: if I had not closed myself to the Holy Spirit, I would had listened to His Divine inspirations, and I would have prayed for them: so that he evil one would not have entered into that father, protected by the prayer, and that violence would not have happened, nor would have cause so much suffering. Or also, that young boy would not have committed suicide. The Lord continued saying to me: “If you might have prayed, that girl would not have aborted, that person would not be dead feeling herself abandoned by Me, in a hospital bed. If you would have prayed, I would have counseled you, so that you might have begun to help your brothers. I would have guided you! I would have led you to these people. So much sorrow in the world, and you could have helped!”

He showed me how many people suffer in the world, and how much I could have helped. Never did I permit that the Holy Spirit touch me, nor ever did I let myself be moved by the suffering of others. The Lord said to me: “Look at the suffering of my people, look how I needed to wound your family with cancer, so that you might be moved for those suffering the same sickness! You were moved for the sequestered, only after your husband himself was sequestered”. And almost shouting: “But you, of stone!!! Incapable to feel love!”

To conclude, I will try to explain how we see ourselves in the Book of Life.

I was very hypocritical, false. I was one of those who before the person I make eulogies, but behind their back I spoke about them badly; that outside they speak well, but inside you do not hear what they say. For example, I eulogized someone saying: “You are pretty, what a nice dress, it goes very well with you”. But inside I was thinking: how gross, you are ugly, and you believe to be the queen! In the Book of Life you see all of this, with the difference that we see also the thoughts. All of my lies came to the light, to “living red”, so evident that everyone could see. How many times I left in a hidden way from my mother, because she did not let me go anywhere, how many lies I invented: “Mamma, I have group work to do in the library”. She believed me, and I went to see a pornographic film, or to the bar to get a beer with my girlfriends. And there is my mother there, now, seeing everything in the Book of Life… Now nothing was hidden. What shame I felt! What shame! At the time that my parents were poor, I brought to school, for brunch, a little milk and a banana. I ate the banana and I threw the pealing wherever I happened to be; it never came to my mind that someone could hurt themselves due to that banana pealing. The Lord made me to see, as a matter of fact, the consequences: who fell, who was hurt… I could have killed someone, with my recklessness and lack of mercy.

I saw, with great pain and shame, how only one time did I make a good confession, as an adult. It was when a lady gave me 4,500 pesos in change too much, in a supermarket in Bogotà. My father had taught us to be honest, and never to touch not even a penny of someone else's; I realized in the car the error, while I was going to my outpatient clinic, and I said to myself: “But look at this, that stupid person, that animal (it was like that I would talk), she gave me 4,500 pesos too much! Now I must go back! … But looking in the rearview mirror, I saw the congested traffic, and said: “No! I am not going back, I do not want to be late and loose time! The worse for her who had been such an idiot!” But I had remorse for that money. Regarding this, my father had educated us well. Sunday I went to confession, and said: “I accuse myself of having stolen 4,500 pesos, not having given them back; I kept them for myself!” I did not pay attention to what the priest said to me, but the evil one could not accuse me of being a thief!

… But the Lord said to me: “It was a lack of charity to not give back the money, because for you 4,500 pesos was nothing, but for that woman it was food for three days”. The saddest thing was to see how that woman suffered hunger for a couple of days, due to my fault, together with her two babies; like this the Lord showed me. When I do something, there are consequences of my acts, and those who suffer because of them: because our acts always have their consequences. That which we do, but also that which we do not do, brings consequences for us and for the other! Everyone will see these consequences in the Book of Life. When the moment will arrive to appear before God for the judgment, you will see it, as I myself saw it. When my Book of Life was closed, imagine my sadness, my shame, the immense sorrow…

The Book of my life was closed in the most beautiful way. Notwithstanding my behavior, despite my sins, my trash, my indifference, and my horrible sentiments, the Lord sought me out even to the last instant: he always sent me instruments, people, he spoke to me, he shouted at me, he took things from me, he let me fall into disgrace in order to seek me, and that I might seek Him. He followed after me always, even to the last instant. Do you know Who is our God and Father? He is a powerful God, in love, who begs next to each of us, so that we might convert. Instead, when things went badly, I would say: “God punished me, he condemned me!” Clearly it is not like that! Never does He condemn us: in fact, of my free arbitrary power, I chose freely who might be my father, and it was not God. I chose Satan as my father!

When I was struck by the lightning bolt, before taking me to the “Social Seguro”, they took me to a public hospital, where there were many sick people, so many wounded, so much suffering, and there was not an available stretcher for me. And when those who brought me asked the doctors where they might be able to put me, they just said only: “Down there, down there!” And my rescuers: “But down there, where?” “Down there, on the floor!” But they did not want to leave me on the ground, because I was badly burned, and if I had contracted an infection, I would certainly have died... While I was in a corner, during those hours, the doctors looked at me with a face… It is that they could not leave someone that had a heart attack, for example, or was in a very grave condition, but with more possibility of surviving with respect to me, that I was instead totally burned like a “toast”, and in all probability I would die.

But I was conscious, and very irritated, murmuring because the doctors did not come to me. But there was a moment in which I was calm, without complaining, because I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was bent over and was very near to me, he touched my head with His hands and he consoled me. Are you able to imagine this?! Can you imagine the tenderness?! I thought: is it a hallucination? How is it possible to see Our Lord here?! I closed the eyes, then I reopened them, and I continued to see him there! He said to me, with great tenderness: “You see, my little one, you are about to die! Feel the need of My Mercy”. Just imagine…! And so he said: “Mercy! Mercy!”, but in the mean time I thought: why mercy? What bad have I ever done?

I was not conscious of my errors, but it was clear to me that I was about to die, this yes! About this I was sad… “Alas, I am about to die!!! … Alas, my diamond rings!!!” I immediately remembered my rings. I look, and I see the flesh of my fingers totally burned, as if they had exploded. But I said to myself: “I must take them off, cost what it may cost! Otherwise they will have to break them, and they will loose their value”. I did not think about anything else; I saw my fingers puffed up, and I thought only to take off my rings so that they might not break them! You cannot imagine what an unpleasant smell burnt flesh has. And the more I moved those rings, the more it stank. I felt that I would be crazy from the pain, but I insisted and I said to myself: “No! No and no! I must succeed in this! I must succeed, because to me, nothing can beat me, and this flesh will not swell, no sir! I am taking off these rings from here, cost what it may, I will not die with them”. When in the end I succeed to take them off, I remember suddenly: “Oh, no!!! I am about to die, and these nurses will steal my rings!” In the meantime arrives my brother-in-law. I, very happy: “Save my rings!!!” I handed them over to him, who is a doctor, and it could not be otherwise: because otherwise he would not have touched them, but he would have thrown them away, and far away! In fact they were burned, and with fragments of flesh attached. He said he would deliver them to Fernando, my husband, adding: “Tell my sisters to take my children because, the poor ones, they will be without Mamma. In fact, I will not make it!” The worst thing was that I did not profit from those moments that Jesus offered to me, to ask Him Mercy and pardon. But how could I ask pardon, if I thought I did not have sins?! I believed myself to be a saint! When we feel we are “saints”, it is then that we condemn ourselves.

When I had taken off the rings and had entrusted them to my brother-in-law, so that he might hand them over to my husband, I said to myself relieved: “Finally, now I can die!”, and the last thought was: “Alas, with what money will they bury me, given that my banking account was in the red?...”

God the Father loves everyone and each one, independently of the fact that we are good or bad; and with such an intensity that, even to the last moment, he comes even to us with so much tenderness, he embraces us with all of His Love… He wants to save us, but if we do not welcome Him, if we do not ask Him pardon and mercy, recognizing our faults, he leaves us free to follow that which we have chosen. If ours had been a life without God, most likely in that moment we will refuse Him, and He will respect us. He does not oblige us to accept Him.

And so one closes my Book of Life.

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Deutsch: Gloria Polo. Der Blitz hat eingeschlagen.

Polski: Orędzie Glorii Polo.

Slovenská: Svedectvo pani dr. Glorie Polo.

Українська: Глорія Поло. Вражена блискавкою.

Русский: Глория Поло. Свидетельство. (перевод с немецкого)
Русский: Глория Поло. Поражённая молнией. (перевод с польского)


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